this series is so Good i love Calypso and the other characters unfortunately have only read the first 2 books totally love this book i m not knd a girl who always love romantic novels, but this one isn t too romantic, but funny and fresh It s really amusing to read about what happened to Calypso and the dilemma in her heart nice Calypso Returns From Los Angeles To Her English Boarding School For The Summer Term, She Is Determined To Fit In With The Popular Crowd Her Plan Is To Pretend Her Mother S Gay Assistant Back Home Is Her Boyfriend And To Her Surprise, The Trick Worksat Least At First She Makes A Whole Batch Of New Friends, And Even Finds Herself Winning The Unwritten Contest To Woo The Prince At The Boys School Ñ Pulling Princes Ú Download by ↠´ Tyne O'Connell Next Door But One Girl, Honey, Undermines All Her Efforts When Calypso And Prince Freddy End Up In The Tabloids And Everything Seems Set To Go Down The Drain, It S Calypso S Parents And Sense Of Humor That Save Her From Utter Humiliation A Fast Paced, Laugh Out Loud Funny Look At Fitting In While Still Standing Out It s kind of hard to feel sympathetic towards Calypso.
I originally gave this three stars, but I talked myself down to two when I gave it a bitthought It s not that the book is bad it s perfectly fine fluff, which isor less what I expected when I picked it up at the library It s justOh, Calypso.
I m sorry, but woe is me my parents sent me off to a posh boarding school and now we can t afford a pool and I have to buy my designer clothing secondhand is not a compelling argument for sympathy I m not completely oblivious I understand that money counts in that kind of environment but a little tiiiiny bit of depth would go a long way.
She s meant to have depth Honestly, she is She wants to be a writer when she s older even though she can t stand her English clas Instead of reading one of the many books that are waiting for me on my nightstand, I chose to re read one of my favourite teen books when I was over at my parents for the holidays I Regret Nothing this series is hilarious ok, so the first like 90 pages are REALLY slow, but after that it gets really good I HATED the ended, it was too much of a cliffhanger now, i GOTTA read the second book.
3 you all so freaking much ↠´ Pulling Princes ↠´ EVER SCENCE I read THIS BOOK IVE BEEN READING A BOOK 1 TO 3 DAYS SO MY LIST WILL FILL UP FAST This was a really good book I couldn t put it down and I am already reading the 3rd in the series It is such a good series of books

14 year old Calypso Kelly, from Hollywood, goes to St Augestine There she is shunned and called the American Freak Her only friend is star, the daughter of a famous, washed up, rock star Full of cliques and queen Bees, Calypso returns for another year at the dreaded boarding school But Calypso has a plan, to get right in the most popular girl in school, Georgina Full of lies and tricks, love and rumors, Calypso finds herself in the middle of a problem that she wishes she had left alone Calypso being 14 and never been kissed is in for a rough year Feels a little bit weird rating this as it was a childhood fave and I m so far away from the target audience now Though I now can see some flaws, I still enjoyed revisiting Calypso and her possible friends.

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