I enjoyed reading this book however the hero kind of ticked me off at the end, talking about how he made love with his whore of a secretary because he was in between relationships and wanted to get his dicky sticky I dislike men like that, even in story books Thinking that it s alright to hump everything with two legs just because they can It s such a double standard for women that ticks me off to no end The heroine was pretty nifty though, she stood by her laurels and remained true to herself despite the situations at hand Overall, even with Mr Sticky as the hero, the book was a great read I hope other enjoy it as well.
Lions Walk Alone ß Not very exciting to read She The Strength To Resist His Powers Machismo If Any Man Had It, Leon Calveto Did And Lots Of It He Enraged Nita Lopez, But He Still Had The Ability To Stir Her SensesLeon Had Brough Her Home To Mexico City To Reunite Her With Her Ailing Father Three Long Years Hadn T Changed Much In Her Relationship With Leon, Yet In Another Sense Everything Had ChangedNita Would Never Be Rid Of Him Or Of The Buried Emotions [Susanna Firth] ¶ Lions Walk Alone [numismatics PDF] read Online ↠´ That Flushed Her Cheeks And Set Her Heart Running At The Mention Of His Name

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