Crimes Of Josef Fritzl The Only Inside Account Of The Fritzl Case Josef Fritzl S Horrific Incarceration Of His Daughter In A Windowless Dungeon ForYears And The Seven Children He Fathered With Her From The Journalists Who Helped To Break The Story Full [Stefanie Marsh] » The Crimes of Josef Fritzl: Uncovering the Truth [portugal PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Description A gripping read not just because of the monstrous content, but because it problems some very interesting, and illumatinating, cultural and political perspective, which was lost or not there at all during the hysterical media coverage of this case I was shocked at some of the norms of Austrian culture and behaviour, and also at the incompetence of the Austrian authorities when the case came to light and the trial ensued Fascinating for that part alone and for the fact that Austria has had at least 2 other similar cases What is going on over there It was enlightening to read abotu Frizl s own background remarkably similar to the majority of pyschotics and sadists I ve read about And, after reading this, I can kind of understand h In februari 2009 verscheen De kelderkinderen, een indrukwekkend boek van John Glatt over de zaak Josef Fritzl Nu is daar De patriarch, over diezelfde Josef Fritzl, maar nu van de hand van Stefanie Marsh, journaliste bij The Times, en Bojan Pancevski, correspondent voor verscheidene Britse kranten.
Marsh en Pancevski hebben heel veel mensen uit de directe omgeving van Fritzl ge nterviewd, maar het boek is niet in de vorm van letterlijke verslagen van deze interviews Door kunstig de reacties van de ge nterviewden door de uit de media bekende feiten te vlechten, is een verhaal ontstaan dat niet zozeer anders is dan De kelderkinderen, maar een verhaal dat iets toevoegt aan dit vreselijke verhaal.
Marsh en Pancevski gaan diep in op het karakter en de beweegredenen van Josef Fritzl en daarnaast pogen zij meer inzicht te geven in de gedachten en beweegredenen van Elisabeth zelf en Josef s It is shocking that a crime like this was committed and continued for 24 years, with nobody else suspecting a thing It just goes to show how convincing, and also how much of a psycho, Josef Fritzl actually was.
What I got and did not expect insightful chapters on postWWII Austria,the psyche of its inhabitants and how that effects this case.
What I expected but didn t get It s basically all hearsay A few public servants get quoted, Fritzl s one friend is the only one close to the family that chose to talk to the authors.
The writing is messing, the structure evenso Obvious questions remain unanswered.
I read this book in a week which is a testament to how gripping and well written this account of Fritzl s disturbing crimes is There s a lot to cram into a slim volume and the authors do a commendable job of fleshing out the villain s life and horrific crimes but due to the understandable secrecy surrounding the court case and the victims it never delivers on its boasts of getting under the skin of Fritzl Through lack of testimonial he is quite rightly portrayed as a two dimensional monster but I would have likedon the psychological aspect of the case which in books such as this I always find the most interesting aspect.
Ë The Crimes of Josef Fritzl: Uncovering the Truth ✓ I felt rather guilty just reading this book, as if it was wrong to want to know the details of this grisly story But the authors tell it straightforwardly and fully They are critical of the Austrian state for failing to examine its own shortcomings.
This was well written and documented and it chilled me to the bone Imagining what his daughter and her children went through at the hands of this man is unbelievable.
A bullet to the head would be wasted on this pathetic excuse of a human being When this story broke in the media I was horrified, however found the reports disjointed and didn t feel like I was getting the whole story How could someone imprison their daughter for 24 years in the cellar of their house, on a busy street, with neighbours, lodgers and their own family living above, and get away with it Not only that, but they have 7 children with this daughter, no medical intervention, no help, and still no one notices Three of these children come up stairs and are miraculously found on the door step of this house in a busy street and again no one seems to bat an eyelid, not social services nor the police Hence when I found this book in a local charity shop I was intrigued OK, so the narrative is repetitive and the book could have been half the length and still have covered all the relevant points but then having seen some of the comments raised b Fascinating read, a real insight into the mind of a very very disturbed individual.

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