Modernist Bread Is A Robust Historical And Future Thinking Exploration On One The Oldest Foods Of Mankind This Exhaustive Guide Is The Epitome Of Myhrvold Research Driven And Curiosity Inspired Obsession ForbesThere S No Way To Look At Modernist Bread And Not Be StunnedThe Contributions To Bread Making Here Are Undeniable WiredWhen Nathan Myhrvold Tells You Everything You Know About Bread Might Not Be True, You Listen Modernist Bread Is Here To Change The Way You ñ read Modernist bread the art and science by Nathan Myhrvold ¿ Think About Cooking And Eating Bread The Huffington Post Modernist Bread Provides A Revolutionary New Understanding Of One Of The Most Important Staples Of The Human Diet Created By The Team That Published The Critically Acclaimed Modernist Cuisine The Art And Science Of Cooking, This Massive James Beard Award Winning Treasury Of Practical Knowledge And Groundbreaking Techniques Captures Over Four Years Of Independent Research And Collaborations With Leading Industry Professionals The Result Is The Most In Depth Look At Bread To Date Stunning Photography Brings The Complete Story Of Bread To Life Across Five Volumes Uncover Bread S Incredible History, Loaves From Every Corner Of The World, And The Breath Taking Beauty Of Scientific Phenomena At Work Above And Below The Crust In Modernist Bread, You Will Discover Innovative Recipes And Techniques Developed By The Modernist Cuisine Team That Have Not Been Published Anywhere Else Housed In A Sleek Stainless Steel Case, This Five Volume Set Contains Than , Traditional And Avant Garde Recipes, As Well As A Wire Bound Kitchen Manual So That You Can Easily Bring All Of The Recipes Into The Kitchen In One Compact Collection Spanning Over , Pages, Modernist Bread Will Become An Invaluable Resource For Anyone Who Has A Thirst For Knowledge About Bread Or Wants To Advance Their Craft This Book Is A Call To Arms For Any Baker Whether You Are A Strict Traditionalist, Avid Modernist, Home Baker, Restaurant Chef, Or An Artisanal Baker To Embrace The Possibilities Of Invention And Follow Your Inspiration To Make Breads In Your Own Way I have worked in the restaurant industry for almost 20 years now, with several of the last few years running a retail and production bakery that specialized in artisan style breads made from locally sourced ingredients I ve have a ton of hands on experience and another separate ton of books and reference materials on the subject I just received my copy of Modernist Bread yesterday I preordered as soon as I heard about it and preorder became an option and I ve already read half of Volume 1 Even with all the information I ve already amassed and the small portion of this book I ve read, I ve already learned enough to make it worth the price of admission I would highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about not just making good bread, but better understanding the underlying processes that make bread possible in order to better control and manipulate them, whether it be  Modernist bread the art and science ↠´ At 2600 pages I won t be getting through this anytime soon The set arrived well packaged and the books have a high production value with very glossy photos The sixth book is a set of condensed recipes on washable pages It s a bit hefty at 53 lbs so be aware of that before trying to lift At the price point it s certainly no for everyone but inquisitive bread makers will find plenty to love.
It s easiest to think of this book as a printed master class on bread making rather than as a cookbook Although there are hundreds of recipes in it, the ultimate goal of such a comprehensive resource is to teach you how to create your own bread, using your preferred flavors and textures, that fits into your baking schedule, and into your comfort level with Modernist ingredients and techniques This book succeeds admirably in that goal.
The first volume contains a ton of historical information and basic bread physics Then, volumes 2 and 3 cover individual ingredients and techniques, and volumes 4 and 5 are mostly recipes This segregation makes the books much easier to use than Modernist Cuisine, which had recipes scattered throughout the series.
This series is also muchappropriate for a h

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