I was happy to become reacquainted with Marguerite Henry in this early ish Newbery winner Google sources gave me a new appreciation of her from learning about her childhood illness that made her bedridden for six years, to a tribute from her publisher in a commemorative edition of the book Henry s charm and kindness were noteworthy plus, what an example of well lived years Henry published her last book shortly before she died at 95 I also enjoyed the history in King of the Wind, as well as the bittersweet devotion of Agba to his horse Had to skim over the suffering of Sham, however reading about man s inhumanity to animals is almost as difficult as reading about our mistreatment of each other I will always like stories with happy endings, and was glad to know this one during Sham s difficult years Few authors bringsympathy and enlightenment to the story of a horse than Marguerite Henry, and King of the Wind happens to be one of her best such books, if not her magnum opus The story of the closeness between the Godolphin Arabian and his young, loyal master has an emotional stickiness that isn t topped by much else in literature Though the historicity of the story is fascinating, I think it s the tenderness of relationship that earned King of the Wind the Newbery Medal Marguerite Henry has a sweet, understated writing style Somehow, though the story is in no way predictable, the reader feels everything will turn out right I haven t read every contender for the 1949 Newbery Medal, but I wouldn t be surprised if King of the Wind were the bes Was Named Sham For The Sun, This Golden Red Stallion Born In The Sultan Of Morocco S Stone Stables Upon His Heel Was A Small White Spot, The Symbol Of Speed But On His Chest Was The Symbol Of Misfortune Although He Was As Swift As The Desert Winds, Sham S Proud Pedigree Would Be Scorned All His Life By Cruel Masters And OwnersThis Is The Classic Story Of Sham And His Friend, The Stable Trailer º King of the Wind: The Story of the Godolphin Arabian PDF by » Marguerite Henry Boy Agba Their Adventures Take Them From The Sands Of The Sahara To The Royal Courts Of France And, Finally, To The Green Pastures And Stately Homes Of England For Sham Was The Renowned Godolphin Arabian Whose Blood Flows Through The Veins Of Almost Every Superior Thoroughbred Sham S Speed Like His Story Has Become Legendary This book is amazing It s told by a mute boy No joke It s amazing because it s about a horse and his boy who is mute, and stays mute through the whole story Probably my favorite thing about this book is that one of the main characters tells you all about what happened to him and his his horse without saying a thing.
Ô King of the Wind: The Story of the Godolphin Arabian Ü I read this book in my preteen era I checked it out from the library during summer holidays at my ancestral home but I could not read it because I caught an eye infection I left for school with the tragedy of an unread book burning in my heart So imagine my delight when, next year when I came back for the vacation, I found the book still there my aunt had forgotten to return it The library must have written it off as lost.
The story of the Godolphin Arabian, blessed with unbelievable speed and cursed with ill luck at the same time, is somehow twined with the story of this particular library copy of the book in my mind It waited one year patiently, covered with dust and forgotten, to be read and treasured by me when I returned rather like the protagonist of the story who had a largely tragic life but went on to gain immortality, in the Before I get much farther into this review, I should probably say that I ve never been a horse book kind of reader So if you love Black Beauty and National Velvet and The Black Stallion, you may well like King of the Windthan I did A lot of the rest of this Goodreads page is full of people who swear by it, largely based on its excellent descriptions of horses and horse behavior.
I can t argue with that Henry clearly knew her horses but I still wasn t all that sold on King of the Wind It sor less based on the story of the Godolphin Arabian, a famous horse whose descendants were some of the finest racehorses of all time including Man o War, as the oddly disjunct introduction mentions , but it s so heavily romanticized and embellished as to remove any veneer of realism We follow the Arabian known for most of the book as Sham from his initial home in the stables of the Added 2 1 11 first published 1948 Below are the comments I made about King of the Wind at my GR group I recently listened to the audio version of King of the Wind The Story of the Godolphin Arabian first published 1948 by Marguerite Henry It won the 1949 Newbery Medal, an award given to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.
This fictionalized story is based on fact The Godolphin Arabian is the ancestor of the finest thoroughbred horses The story tells about a swift and spirited Arabian horse named Sham who is sent by the Sultan of Morocco as a gift to Louis XV of France Sham eventually sires a colt which is the beginning of the Goldolphin Arabian breed.
Although this is a book for young readers, it s an interesting, touching, well told tale which appeals to o

This is one of my favorite books of all time I m aware that the vast majority of it is made up, but the way Henry weaves the story makes it believable anyway You want Sham and Agba to be together again, even if Agba wasn t real at all.
One of the criticized portions of the story, the cat Grimalkin, actually was real, if not in quite the way he appeared in this book, by the way.
Henry tells an entertaining, compelling tale which has endeared the Godolphin Arabian, one of three tail male foundation sires of the Thoroughbred, to people in a way the Darley Arabian and the Byerly Turk haven t at all achieved And as Gandalf says in the movie, aren t all great stories worthy of a little embellishment I think so, and this story becomes richer and sweeter for it Even as an adult I find it extremely entertaining Your horse crazy chi While I absolutely adored Marguerite Henry s Newbery Award winning King of the Wind The Story of the Godolphin Arabian as a child, as an older adult, I can definitely understand why and how King of the Wind The Story of the Godolphin Arabian might not be all that engaging and interesting for a young reader who is neither a horse enthusiast nor all that much into historical fiction as a genre especially since the two main protagonists, especially since both Sham and Agba his young caretaker never actually speak, Sham of course because he is a horse and Agba because he is a mute, because he is in fact physically unable to speak, to utter words Now as a child reader, when I first read King of the Wind The Story of the Godolphin Arabian at around the age of eleven, I believe , it naturally and of course was for the most part the life story of Sham and how he becomes the Godolphin Arabian It seems like all the classic books about horses follow the same mold the horse is born, grows up, learns how to handle humans, goes through a casting out period where they are treated horribly and become separated from the people they love, then somewhere toward the end they find their family or human again and all is restored in the world This book fits right in with that category, so why do we all love it so deeply The story of Sham is the story of hope, of struggle through hardship and the return to grace It is also the story of the strength in friendship Butthan all of this, it is the story of a great horse who was made great not by his deeds, but by the deeds of his children King of the Wind captures th

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