Ê The Scientific Attitude: Defending Science from Denial, Fraud, and Pseudoscience (Mit Press) ↠´ Surprisingly readable and the topic couldn t beimportant I shot through this in three days but will be thinking about it for months Outstanding Argument That What Makes Science Distinctive Is Its Emphasis On Evidence And Scientists Willingness To Change Theories On The Basis Of New EvidenceAttacks On Science Have Become Commonplace Claims That Climate Change Isn T Settled Science, That Evolution Is Only A Theory, And That Scientists Are Conspiring To Keep The Truth About Vaccines From The Public Are Staples Of Some Politicians Rhetorical Repertoire Defenders Of Science Often Point To Its Discoveries Penicillin Relativity Without Explaining Exactly Why Scientific Claims Are Superior In This Book, Lee McIntyre Argues Ð The Scientific Attitude: Defending Science from Denial, Fraud, and Pseudoscience (Mit Press) è Download by µ Lee McIntyre That What Distinguishes Science From Its Rivals Is What He Calls The Scientific Attitude Caring About Evidence And Being Willing To Change Theories On The Basis Of New Evidence The History Of Science Is Littered With Theories That Were Scientific But Turned Out To Be Wrong The Scientific Attitude Reveals Why Even A Failed Theory Can Help Us To Understand What Is Special About Science McIntyre Offers Examples That Illustrate Both Scientific Success A Reduction In Childbed Fever In The Nineteenth Century And Failure The Flawed Discovery Of Cold Fusion In The Twentieth Century He Describes The Transformation Of Medicine From A Practice Based Largely On Hunches Into A Science Based On Evidence Considers Scientific Fraud Examines The Positions Of Ideology Driven Denialists, Pseudoscientists, And Skeptics Who Reject Scientific Findings And Argues That Social Science, No Less Than Natural Science, Should Embrace The Scientific Attitude McIntyre Argues That The Scientific Attitude The Grounding Of Science In Evidence Offers A Uniquely Powerful Tool In The Defense Of Science Lee McIntyre writes not only with clarity, but with a precise and unrelenting logic Carefully defining his terminology, he provides many examples for the topics of each chapter so that readers with a background in science, philosophy, or the social sciences can follow and understand his conclusions and recommendations With the proliferation of pseudoscience and what amounts to anti science found in many areas of popular culture, his book is important not only for professional scientists, it is also an essential read for lay people who are interested in science and what sets science apart from what attempts to be passed of as science, that is, the scientific attitude Although it had been some 40 odd years since I had a Philosophy of Science class

This book is muchthan a defense of science It is a celebration of what makes science special, which is the approach to seeking truth, constantly comparing theories to evidence, and being open to new theories when new evidence is discovered It is both philosophical and practical, and an accessible book for readers who are neither scientists or philosophers While many politicians want to focus on, debate and exploit uncertainty in science, the rest of us on all sides of the political spectrum would do well to read this book to better understand why there will always be uncertainty in science and why that uncertainty, and the scientific approach to it, is a strength This is an easy read and a very good follow up to Post Truth.
I was fortunate enough to get an advance look at this book through the publisher and it is outstanding If you ve ever wondered how best to fight back against science deniers, this is the book for you McIntyre offers a straightforward, readable account of what is most distinctive about science and SURPRISE, it s not the method it s the attitude that scientists have when they approach evidence This just may be the book that helps us turn the tide against climate change deniers and anti vaxxers A great account of pseudoscience and scientific fraud as well Highly recommended

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