This book is written in what the author called Rotten English In addition to a moving story.
Fictional about the Nigerian Civil War in the 1960s following the life of Soza boy soldier boy the main character who fought for Biafra and was captured prisoner.
The story is based on the real events in Saro Wiwa s homeland of Nigeria Soza Boy is a member of a small tribe and signs up to fight for his own country There is a contrast between his naive belief and the reality of the war, his small village and the city What really turned him into being a soldier was that he met a girl he really liked however she responded with an answer that she would only marry soldiers Soon enough he recruited to the army during the Nigerian civil war 1967 1970.
His days were going perfectly fine and carefree until he found himself trapped in where the enemies were located That occurred after hi Saro Wiva era, stato giustiziato un famosissimo personaggio pubblico nigeriano autore per la radio e la tv, scrittore, saggista, anche reporter che ha pagato con la vita la sua attivit politica a favore degli abitanti del delta del Niger Una nota doverosa per ricordare anche l uomo che ha scritto questo bellissimo libro All inizio l ho trovato quasi irritante, perch ci si ritrova praticamente nella testa del protagonista, Meme, un ragazzetto abitante di Dukana, fantastico villaggio africano.
E Meme si esprime come un sempliciotto, con considerazioni anche sciocche Poi, mi sono affezionata a Meme, ed ho capito la chiave di lettura Il flusso continuo di pensieri semplici del povero Meme che si ritrova coinvolto suo malgrado nella guerra come soldato sozaboy la visione dal di dentro di chi ha preso coscie Describes The Fortunes Of A Young Naive Recruit In The Nigerian Civil War From The First Proud Days Of Recruitment To The Disillusionment, Confusion And Horror That Follows The Author S Use Of Rotten English A Mixture Of Nigerian Pidgin English, Broken English And Idiomatic English Makes This A Unique And Powerful [ Pdf Sozaboy: A Novel in Rotten English ë fairy-tale-retellings PDF ] by Ken Saro-Wiwa â Novel I was really curious to read this book after have seen Black Gold The movie doesn t talk about Ken Saro Wiwa, but it deals with one of the most tragic problems of Nigeria multinational oil companies that exploited the land without worrying about the inhabitants health or the environment Ken Saro Wiwa has been killed in 1995 for his pacific fight against these oil corporations and because of the corruption of his government At the presentation of Black Gold they talked a lot about Saro Wiwa and other intellectuals that have been killed without a trial Sozaboy doesn t deal with the oil corporations, but about the Nigerian civil war Oh well, also the civil war started because of the oil seen that Biafra wanted independence from Nigeria because all the oil was in their part of land and they didn t want to share this richness with the rest of the country I was howeve ↠´ Sozaboy: A Novel in Rotten English ↠´ Ken Saro Wiwa was executed in 1995 after a show trial by Abacha s military government Saro Wiwa was a well known activist against the environmental degradation of the Niger Delta owing to the oil industry s extraction of oil with no care or consideration for the local ecology As an Oboni tribe member, who live in and around the Niger Delta, Saro Wiwa felt it necessary to actively protest the company s actions primarily Shell and the government s complicity in this environmental devastation I was only 15 at the time, but I remember signing petitions to try to get our governments to put pressure on the Nigerian military junta for a fair trial Although there was international pressure, in the end Saro Wiwa was still executed Sozaboy, was writtenthan a decade before these events unfolded, and the story of novel is based on the Bi Comunque, all inizio, tutti erano contenti a Dukana.
Il romanzo dI Ken Saro Wiwa ambientato nella regione subsahariana dell Africa, la Nigeria Anche se, in realt , Sozaboy potrebbe essere ambientato in qualsiasi altra nazione africana dilaniata da una guerra civile o contagiata dalla corruzione di un governo instabile La narrazione avviene attraverso la tecnica del flusso di coscienza e l utilizzo di un linguaggio descritto dall autore come Rotten english ossia un amalgama di pidgin nigeriano, inglese sgrammaticato, e buon inglese, con punte idiomatiche Che, tra l altro, mi sembra lo strumento perfetto per la cronaca in prima persona di Mene apprendista guidatore di pulmini e aspirante anzi, direi quasi forzatamente sozasoldato Il protagonista assiste all involuzione del suo Paese con la caduta del governo buono e l inizio della guerra civile nigeriana facilmente riconducibile a Sozaboy Sozaboy is a story about a young African boy that tells his story in horrible broken English This is a well written story that has a mix of adventure, and a large amount of emotion spread through the story This story starts out with Sozaboy telling his life story in his village As the story unfolds there is a very important scene in the book when Sozaboy goes into one of his favorite bars and sees a very beautiful girl This girl he decides, will be his wife He walks up to her fairly timid and starts talking to her bit she reveals that if she will marry it will be to no one but a soldier For a while after the army starts drafting and Sozaboy takes this as a perfect opportunity to join and then marry the beautiful girl in the bar But soon things change from a wonderful experience to a scary and great book about a soldier sozaboy during nigerian civil warthe pidgin English was difficult to follow at times so took me a long time to read the booki felt so bad for author Mr Ken saro wiwa what a tragic life

E mi dico, dentro di me, che, oh mio Dio, la guerra proprio una gran brutta cosa La guerra bere piscio e morire, e quell uniforme che ci danno da portare serve soltanto a ingannarci E chiunque pensa che quell uniforme sia tanto bella un fesso che non sa cosa vuol dire buono o cattivo o non proprio buono o proprio tanto bruttoImpiccato per uso improprio di parole Chi era Ken Saro Wiwa Un delinquente letterario Fin da piccolo affin l arte di maneggiare le parole Niente lo fermava e dimostr abilit inaudite con la lingua del sangue la lingua Kana, dialetto del suo popolo, il popolo Ogoni.
Ma non dimenticava la lingua del popolo il pidgin, frullato verbale, zona di confine degli idiomi e delle culture.
E poi la lingua matrigna dominatrice l inglese impa I m fond of reading Nigerian Literature Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ben Okri, Helon Habila are amongst my favorite authors and now, I include Ken Saro Wiwa Perhaps it s the nostalgia of having grown up in Lagos as an infant to the end of my teens that echoes the setting in the back of my mind while I read these authors literary works Whether it s the traditions of the ethnic peoples, the woes and struggles of daily life under oppression by brutal military dictatorships , corruption, black magic, the civil war Biafra or even colonialism, Nigeria can offer a story on any of these fronts And these authors don t shy away from revealing these truths through the medium of the written word.
Ken Saro wiwa s novel Sozaboy , however, encompasses all these facets of Nigeria into o

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