º Rora This book surprised me, to be honest.
I was not sure what to expect, but I was spellbound from the first moment and could not put the book down.
The book is about 460 pages/, and I read it in two days.
The story is based very closely on real people and events that really happened, which made it very emotional to read.
The author's writing is of excellent quality, with great character development, and a smooth style that keeps your attention.

The story is about the persecution of the Waldenses by the Catholic church and the Duke of Savoy in the Alps region between France and Italy during the mid1600s.
It focuses on the man who became the military leader for the Waldenses during one of the persecutions, Joshua Gianavel.
I factchecked the story to some degree with available historical records and the author did keep the s This is the first book I've read by James Byron Huggins, and I'm thoroughly impressed.
Rora blew me away.

Rora tells the tale of Joshua Gianavel, leader of the small town called Rora im the Italian Alps.
They year is 1655, and the Spanish Inquisitors are naming heretics, killing and burning as they go An Inquisitor, Thomas Incomel, names the people of Rora heretics, and proceeds to send an army to destroy them if they do not renounce their faith.
But there is one problem.
Joshua will not renounce his faith, and isn't willing to give up so easily.

To make a long story short, thus begins the great conflict (a war, really) between one hundred fifty defenders of Rora and their thousands of enemies.
There is far more to this tale than this, of course.
There are many d I have visited the Waldensian Valleys a number of times, and have been especially interested in the history of Captain Gianavello.
When I learned of this book, I ordered it immediately, and found it captivating reading.

First, I applaud the excellent expose of the wrongs of the Inquisition, including the best explanations I have read for the reasons the Church would so passionately persecute a harmless people known for being industrious, pious, and patriotic.

I do have a bit of a quarrel with the author's geography, however.
A previous reviewer bemoaned the lack of maps in the book.
This was probably intentional, because the terrain described does not exist.
For example, the Castelluzzo

Having read thousands of books, I have made a list of the 7 that I would most want to secure for posterity if books were to become extinct.
This is one of those seven.
The list includes two books of history, four books of fiction and one book of historical fiction (this one).

Years ago I read Huggins' book "The Reckoning", which is also one of my top seven.
Other books I read of his later were mildly disappointing, so I lost track of him.
Recently I wondered if he had produced anything else in the intervening years.
I went looking on Amazon and found Rora.
Wow!I'd call the book monumental.
Although it is historical fiction, the main characters, their achievements, their fa Class="sitbWarningMessage">
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