Carving Patterns ß Fun little patterns to carve and give as gifts Nice book for beginners on up.
Pattern Book Provides OverWoodCarving Patterns And Accompanying Illustrations ForBirds, Animals, And Fish Each Pattern Has Been Used Successfully By Both Russell And His Students To Carve Stunning Figures In Wood While The Patterns Are The Primary Focus, General Carving Instructions For Birds, Animals, And Fish Are Provided Guidelines For Enhancing The Figures Produced From These Patterns Include Accurate Glass Eye Placement, Construction Of Wire Birds Feet, And Texturing Techniques Illustrations [Frank C Russell] â Carving Patterns [lesbotronic PDF] Ebook Epub Download ê Detail Directional Growth For Fur, Feather Shading, And Other Fine Attributes On The Many Subjects This Is An Essential Reference For Every Woodcarver With A Passion For Wildlife Well written Arrived in a timely manner.
This is a great book I wish I could transport myself into one of Frank Russell s classes The only downside is trying to figure out what to carve next

I m an artist of 25 plus years with skills in drawing, painting, airbrush, some sculpting and very little in detailed carving I chose this book to gain a strong baseline for carving While the patterns in this book are nice they lack the detail needed for a beginner There are no measurements or dimensional ratios that I could fine for any project in this book The only photos of finished projects are on the cover and they re small All of the patterns lack the beginning stages of carving, save one Pages 74 76 is the only representation of how to begin your carving It demonstrates this on one animal only the Buck I fully expected all patterns to contain the beginning stages and photos of the finished sculpture Also, this book concen You could learn just as much looking at a picture of the animal you want to carve as you can with this book

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